Narrow Aisle/ Reach Lift

This program is designed for new operators having minimal or no experience driving a forklift, and /or seeking to upgrade their skills with hands-on experience with our forklift equipment. You will be provided proper training so that you have the skills necessary to be a competent and safe operator.

At Forklift Training Toronto, all the components and requirements you need to get started on your career as a Forklift Operator are included. Our programs are comprehensive and designed specifically in accordance with the learner’s safety and success in mind. Every training program entails:

Theoretical Training

Practical Training



You will learn about:

  • The legislative requirements (Government Regulations, CSA Standards and Manufacturers’ Guidelines and Principles;
  • The duties and responsibilities of workplace stakeholders;
  • Pre-shift inspections;
  • Safe operating and load handling procedures;
  • Pedestrian safety and the proper use of hand signals;
  • Propane and battery handling techniques.
  • The capability to conduct a pre-shift inspection;
  • Forklift safe starting procedures;
  • Lifting a load with a forklift;
  • Travelling with and placing a load with a forklift;
  • Parking and immobilizing a counterbalance forklift device.
Our Courses

Looking for equipment-specific forklift training?

Check out our available forklift training courses and call us if you need any assistance related to the provided courses.


Counter Balance

It has two forks at the front to pick up the load and move it.


Pallet Walkie

Manage the day-to-day loading and unloading of freight throughout


Narrow Aisle/ Reach Lift

It is used in narrow aisle warehouses or construction sites.


Scissor Lift

Equipment used to lift personnel in the vertical direction.


Order Picker

Picking up and dropping down material in a rack



Dock Stocker is utilized to get rough dock jobs done.