Order Picker Training

Order pickers aid in improving the efficiency and smooth flow of material handling operations in various industries requiring warehouse operations. Safe Operation of Order Pickers specifically entails the safe use and operation of order pickers, a type of forklift generally used to execute warehouse operations. Our Order Picker course also covers the potential hazards to workers and those within the surrounding area of operation. Order Pickers course is for learners of all levels. Our course structure is blended for both individuals and groups(mainly industry staff). Course duration varies from a few hours to a few days depending upon the level of learning operators.

What will you learn in this Course?

You will learn about

  • Course Introduction
  • Related safety regulations
  • Machine maintenance¬†
  • Hazard Prevention
  • Related Government Legislation
  • Fuel Safety For Both Electric And Propane Equipment
  • Safe Operating Procedures
  • Responsibilities Of The Workers, Supervisors And Employers
  • Identify Various Types Of Lift Trucks
  • Pre-Operational Checks
  • Order Picker Safety Training Video
  • Inspection, Maintenance, And Record Keeping
  • Lift Capacity And Load Limitations
  • facilitating inventory in storage to customers or storefronts and efficiently place items from their place on the shelves to a truck or shipping container.¬†

What Is Order Picking?

Order picking is an essential process in warehouses and distribution centres, where employees retrieve items from their respective locations to fulfill customer orders. The order picker, also known as a stock picker or cherry picker, is a specialized forklift designed to lift operators to the required height to access items on high shelves or racks.

At Forklift Training in Toronto, we provide comprehensive order picker training programs to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to safely and efficiently operate order picking equipment. Our training courses cover theoretical instruction and practical hands-on experience, ensuring that participants are well-prepared for their roles in the industry.

What are the hazards of Order Picker?

Operating an order picker comes with inherent hazards that must be acknowledged and managed to ensure a safe working environment. Some of the potential hazards associated with order picker operations include:

1. Falls from Heights: Order pickers are designed to elevate operators to higher levels to access items stored at various heights. This poses a risk of falls if proper safety measures are not followed.

2. Collisions: In busy warehouse environments, collisions between order pickers and other vehicles, as well as fixed structures, can occur if operators are not vigilant and aware of their surroundings.

3. Falling Objects: Improperly secured or stacked items on the order picker platform can fall and cause injury to operators or those working nearby.

4. Tip-Overs: Uneven ground surfaces, excessive speed, or improper operation of the order picker can lead to tip-over incidents, which can result in serious injuries.

5. Electrical Hazards: Order pickers are powered by batteries or electricity, and operators must be aware of electrical hazards and take necessary precautions to avoid accidents.

Our order picker training programs focus on mitigating these hazards through comprehensive safety training, practical exercises, and theoretical knowledge to ensure operators understand the risks and know how to
minimize them.

Order Picker Roles and Responsibilities

Order picker operators play a crucial role in the smooth functioning of warehouse operations. Some of the typical roles and responsibilities of an order picker operator include:

1. Order Fulfillment: The primary responsibility of an order picker is to accurately pick items from storage locations according to customer orders or work orders.

2. Equipment Inspection: Operators must conduct pre-shift inspections of the order picker, checking for any defects or malfunctions that could affect its safe operation. Any issues should be reported to the appropriate personnel.

3. Load Handling: Operators must safely load and unload items on the order picker platform, ensuring they are properly secured to prevent accidents during transportation.

4. Inventory Management: Maintaining accurate records of inventory levels and reporting any discrepancies to supervisors is an essential part of an order picker’s role.

5. Safety Compliance: Order picker operators must adhere to all safety protocols and guidelines, including wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), following safe operating procedures, and reporting any safety concerns.

At Forklift Training in Toronto, our order picker training programs cover these roles and responsibilities comprehensively, enabling participants to become competent and responsible order picker operators.

If you are looking for professional order picker training in Toronto, contact Forklift Training Toronto today to enrol in our comprehensive training courses. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the necessary skills and knowledge to obtain your order picker license and excel in this significant role within the warehousing industry.

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