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Forklift Training Toronto’s Scissor Lift Training Course teaches you about different types of scissor lifts, safety inspection requirements, setup, operation, moving the machine, battery maintenance, and hazard prevention. Scissor lifts forklift trucks are used to carry out at-height operations. This truck can escalate an operator vertically and grant him access to the task assigned. Also, it can be dangerous to operate scissor lifts with no experienced supervision. You can become a forklift operator if you undergo adequate training from Forklift Training Toronto. We consider equipment capabilities and apply safe work practices, our course gives an overview of the safety standards for aerial, boom, and scissor lift operations. It provides explanations of the various lifting requirements, as well as Province and Territory specific regulations. Course content includes hazard identification, avoidance, and control, in addition to practical information on safe work practices.

This course is for anyone(not limited to owners, drivers, supervisors, and workers) who work with scissor lifts. This online training course meets the requirements set forth by the Canada Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Theoretical Training

Practical Training



You will learn about:

  • Accidents causes & prevention
  • Responsibilities for the Owner, Dealer, User, and Operator
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Define construction project – Regulations 213/91
  • Pre-Operational Inspection
  • Battery Maintenance and Care
  • Safe operational Procedures
  • Written Test
  • Practical Evaluation

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Scissor Lift Training & Certificate Toronto

This course follows the guidelines set forth by:

1. CSA Standard B335-15 – The CSA Safety Standard for Lift Trucks (B335-15), identifies the knowledge and practical skills required by lift truck operators. Practical evaluation is a must to demonstrate
competence skills that meet and exceed the industry standards

2. REGULATION 851. Industrial Establishments for safety of machines

Some Interesting Facts About Scissor Lift

  • Scissor Lift is also known as an aerial platform, mobile elevating platform, or SkyJack
  • It is generally used for general maintenance
  • Most commonly, it can be set up and managed by one person
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