Forklifts are used in almost every industry and basically run the world. These are heavy-weight pieces of equipment used mainly in warehousing, manufacturing and distribution facilities and help keep the supply chain moving. These can prove to be significant investments when employed in your business, so it is best to avoid buyer’s regret and continue reading this blog to ensure that you make the right choice when investing in forklifts for your business. This blog will tell you all the things you need to know when buying a forklift. 

One of the first things you need to know when buying a forklift is the capacity you require. How much will the forklift be lifting when engaged in the business and what are the load dimensions? Every forklift is based on a 24-inch load center. So if your loads are wider or longer than this, it will affect the forklift’s capacity. Plus if you are using an attachment such as a clamp or a side shift that will also derate the forklift.

The next important thing to know is how high the forklift will be lifting inches to determine the mast required. For example, a three-stage mast lifts to 187 inches high. It is very important to understand the maximum height and the overall load needed to get the proper mast for your application. 

The next question arises, whether to invest in a new or used forklift.

Do your research and plan for the future! Ask yourself the right questions. What are the hours you’re running now, how many shifts do you run and what is your usage? These are all crucial things to consider when purchasing a new forklift. A used option is great if you’re going to use the forklift for a few hours a day. If you have higher utilization, a new unit makes more sense. You will have higher productivity and less downtime. 

What about fuel type? Should you go for electric or internal combustion engines? 

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of both. The good thing about the internal combustion truck is it has a lower acquisition cost compared to an electric truck. It is also very easy to change a propane tank and there is no wait time for charging as you have with an electric one. The downside is that the emissions are higher and there’s a lot more maintenance required on this type of truck.

Even though the initial cost of an electric truck is more than an internal combustion truck, the actual cost of ownership is lower due to low maintenance. It has zero emissions, which means a cleaner work environment and a longer life due to fewer moving components. There are many ways to charge its battery. Technology has come so far that you can plug in on breaks or lunchtime and take advantage of its fast charge system.

The question here is low price or low cost of ownership – which do you choose? It can be tempting to purchase a lower-cost forklift, thinking it’s a good bargain for a hefty investment. But in the long run, you end up paying more with lesser reliability and more downtime. 

Let’s talk tyres-cushion or pneumatic?

Cushion tyres are best when operating on smooth warehouse floors. They also come in non-marking or treaded for wet environments.

Pneumatic comes in two types Air-filled, like those of a car or solid pneumatic if you are working outside in yards where you could possibly puncture the tyre with screws or nails. 

What attachments do you require?

Attachments give your forklifts additional functionality. Find the one that’s right for your application, from paper roll clamps to bail clamps to fork positioners, they are all available to help make forklifts the most productive. 

A forklift is a big investment. So many options and so many things to consider. Rational buyers educate themselves and know the right questions to ask to make a confident purchase. Who will be there for customer support when you need them? How fast can they get there to repair your forklift? Are there parts available? Are there rentals available if necessary? Partner with a trusted dealer, with a strong reputation in the industry! 

So there you have it! All of the things you need to know before you buy a forklift.

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